Links with Tenbury Town Band

In October 2010, through one of our players, we made a link with Tenbury Town Band and worked with them to put on a concert at Larkhill Garrison Church to raise money for Help for Heroes.

This was a most successful venture, raising over £1000 for the charity.  TTB also joined us in our 10th Anniversary Concert in 2015 and a few of them supported our first Festival of Remembrance at the Larkhill Garrison Church in November 2016.  This was extremely successful and an event much appreciated by the local population in this area which has a large military presence.

Links with Musikzug Grafelde

We first visited Musikzug Grafelde in 2008, when we were hosted by band members and their family and friends.  Firm friendships were formed and we all took great delight in the sound that our united bands were able to produce.

We have maintained a close link with the German band and were delighted when they made a return visit in April 2009.

The friendship was cemented by two further collaborations - DWWB to Germany in 2010 and a reciprocal visit by Musikzug Grafelde in 2012 followed by a visit to coincide with the 130th Anniversary of their voluntary Fire Service in June 2013.


Conductors from Grafelde have led Workshops at Durrington when a few Grafeldians were able to renew old friendships.  The entire band came to Durrington for our 10th Anniversary in October 2015 and a visit is planned in April 2017 for MZG's 120th Anniversary.

Links with Tenbury Town Band and Muzikzug Grafelde

visit to Grafelde 2017 - click to read more

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